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Here’s what local Audi owners are saying about AUTO4N…

“So nice and helpful! Always include you in the process of the car fixing and walk you through it step by step, very trustworthy.”- Megan D., Audi A4, 45212

“The owner was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I was amazed at the low price compared to previous quotes. Although I live in WI., I will consult with Auto4N prior to getting any extensive work performed on my automobile. Beside visiting family members that reside in Cincinnati, I now have another reason to visit the Queen City. Keep up the good work!” - John R., Audi A6 53216

“The team diagnosed the issue and there was no charge. They pointed out that the issue was a recall and the car should be taken to the local Audi dealer. The other services that were needed will be done by Auto4N… as the value and quality of service is superior.” - John S., Audi A6Q 45140

“Thorough communication the whole time. Fair pricing. Loved my experience there - I will absolutely be back in the near future. (Loved the tee-shirt too!)”- Julie B., Audi A4 more comments below!

How We Outshine the Competition

AUTO4N is Cincinnati’s Audi repair specialist…we’ve been specializing in Audi for over 20 years, and we know your Audi inside and out. We own the most up-to-date tools and diagnostic equipment for servicing Audi. We’re much more experienced than other independent repair shops, and we offer twice the warranty than the dealers at a much friendlier price. And…we own and drive Audi ourselves.

Testimonials for Audi

"Auto4N is one of the best service providers I have encountered in many years. Finding someone you can trust to take your vehicle to for repairs, who you know will not take advantage of you, collaborate with you to find the best solution for you and your vehicle, is exceptional. Mike Moore, Mike Olberding, and Keith lead a team of experienced technicians. They give you a timeline for your repairs, and work with the team to ensure that time and promises are kept. Thank you so much Mike and team for providing such quality care and SERVICE! All the best, Kim Lamping"
- Kim L, Audi Quattro,45208,Google

"Thank you, always great service, informative and educational - the team does a great job."
- Julie E., Audi TT 45208

"I always feel you guys are fair in pricing vs the dealer (usually 20-50% cheaper) and extremely knowledgable and personable."
- Brad H., Audi Q7 45069

"Always pleasant, helpful, and HONEST in assessment of problem and charges."
- Jen S., Audi A6

"Very informative, trustworthy, and hospitable."
- Bruce C., Audi A4 45239

"Mike and the team were excellent. Professionalism, experience, and expertise are among some of the words to describe the guys at AUTO4N. There are very few people I trust with my Audi. AUTO4N are my #1 choice for Audi/VW specialists in Cincinnati."
- Matt R., Audi A4 45209

"So nice and helpful! Always include you in the process of the car fixing and walk you through it step by step, very trustworthy."
- Megan D., Audi A4, 45212

"The owner was professional, courtesy, and knowledgeable. I was amazed at the low price compared to previous quotes. Although I live in WI., I will consult with Auto4N prior to getting any extensive work performed on my automobile. Beside visiting family members that reside in Cincinnati, I now have another reason to visit the Queen City. Keep up the good work!"
- John R., Audi A6 53216

"Definitely my "go-to" for all my mechanical needs on both my Audi and Toyota! Thanks for another job well done."
- Dave D,Audi A5 Quattro,Google

- Marcie W,Audi A5 Quattro,Google

- Emily B,Audi A8 Quattro,45044,Google

"I usually take my car to Dubwerx but they referred me to Auto4n since they couldn’t fit me in for an oil change (I had to leave the next day and couldn’t wait). AUTO4N is great! Waiting area with coffee and WiFi was a major bonus. Since I was a new customer I also got a $25 labor discount, as well as some stickers AND a T-shirt. Really happy first time customer!!!"
- Maggie T,Audi A6 Quattro,45208,Google

"Auto4n has been awesome for us. Really ethical guys. Fair prices. And they give you swag."
- Emily B.,Audi A5,45044,Nextdoor

"Best and easiest experience I've every had fixing my Audi A3. Professional friendly staff. Fair pricing. Car drives like new. Thank you Auto4N!"
- Erin M, Audi A3,45202,Google

"Very Fair and honest, transparent pricing, quality work."
- Maneesh T, Audi A4 quattro,45219,Google

"Thanks again for the quick turnaround time on the Audi. As always, you guys do a great job!"
- Baga, Ed., Audi A4Q 45011

"It is difficult to judge/compare prices and a few other items in the question. However, I am happy with what I received in service and cost, so I plan to continue using their shop."
- Norman, L., Audi A4 45223

"01/28/2018I liked how easy it was to make an appointment, the flexibility of times I could bring my car in, and the ability to request who works on my car. The service was much quicker than expected! I also like the location including secure parking for leaving your car and the ability to see your car being worked on. The most important thing about Auto4n is seeing the equality sticker on the door when I walk in."
- Steven, M., Audi A4 45202

"Thanks again for the Excellent service. I appreciate you gettingg the car in for service the same day that I called and finishing so promptly. Great place!!"
- Ed, B., Audi A4 45011

"Auto4n is great! Honest repairs from knowledgeable staff who genuinely care about their customers and their vehicles. I recommend Auto4n to anyone in need of repairs!"
- Tony, B., Audi A6

"Jim did a great job. I trust him with my car."
- Brian, D., Audi S4

"This was the best experience I’ve had at a car repair place. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. They were able to take me in and fix my car in a short period of time."
- Megan C., Audi A4 45212

"Always top of the line "
- Jennifer W., Audi Q7 45202

"You guys are great: Honest, professional, and experts in Audi cars. Plus, bonus points for the X flag hanging in the shop! Thanks so much!"
- Ed B., Audi A4 45011

"They got me in for brake service in a pinch! Excellent customer service and very grateful to get brakes done before my move to South Carolina!"
- Tamara G., Audi A4 41075

"Mike is great! "
- Jennifer W., Audi Q7 45202

"Mike and Keith do a great job. I have recommended them to others and they say the same thing."
- Christin S., Audi A8 45243

"I know that surveys typically look for something to improve, but I wanted instead to say that the people at Auto4N are always great, and the atmosphere has always been welcoming. I always recommend Auto4N for repairs and for used auto sales."
- Greg N., Audi A6 45069

"Thank you!"
- Erin B., Audi Q5 45150

"I appreciate your openness on what had to happen on that visit."
- Dan P., Audi A4 45212

"I have only had my car back one day, but it seems that the repairs worked and the car is definitely running better than before. I think your mechanics saved me from having to buy a new car, which is such a relief! The timeline of the repair (4 days) was a bit long and I would have liked to receive phone updates at the time of day they were promised. This happened sometimes, but not always. And I was very nervous about the condition of my car. Anyway, overall I really appreciated the friendly communication and again, it seems the car is going to be OK! Thanks guys! "
- Tamara G., Audi A4 41075

"these guys are pros. up front service is great. clear about pricing. I have a 98 Audi A4 and they've kept me on the road for the past few years. clearly a great group of mechanics. really good with diagnostics. Thanks "
- Sandy J., Audi A4 45206

"U guys are Awesome! "
- Alex P., Audi S6 45231

"Fabulous crew at Auto4N! Will always be a customer!"
- John T., Audi A3 45249

"I appreciate the value, quality and professionalism of service I get from Auto4N. "
- Brad H., Audi Q7 45069

"Great work. Able to fit me in next day, and get my air conditioning back on track before a week long road trip. "
- Reid H., Audi Q7 45220

"I much appreciate the timeliness of service and attending to any voice messages left. Great value and great service!! Thank you Mike, Keith, and Michael. "
- Jennifer S., Audi A6 45211

"As usual, I couldn't have been happier with the service provided this last visit. You guys are a bunch of pros...all of you! Thanks again for your time and effort. Auto4n rocks!"
- Sandi J., Audi A4 45206

"Not sure about my future purchase of another German made vehicle however, Auto4n is one of the best car maintenance and repair shops for Audi, over any Cincinnati Audi and Volkswagen dealer!"
- Kesiha J., Audi A6 45231

"Outstanding customer service. Honest. Straight Forward. Pricing is solid for German cars."
- Aaron P., Audi A4 45202

"These guys are great! They are in a class by themselves!!"
- Cristin S., Audi A8 45243

"Work was prompt and communication was excellent. Price was fair and as described. Great job!"
- Reid H., Audi A4 45202

"Always #1 in service and great atmosphere."
- Tony B., Audi A6 45229

"Keep up the good work, guys. Thanks."
- Hemant S., Audi A4 45242

"Chris and Mike are rock stars! Great, friendly, honest service every time!"
- John T., Audi A3 45249

"As usual guys - THANKS!"
- Nick M., Audi A6 45226

"These guys are great workers and I wouldn't take any of my cars to any other car shops. Money well spent. Thanks!"
- Marqeta C., Audi A6 45229

"Outstanding staff. Spread the word already to multiple friends who have already taken their vehicles to Auto4n."
- Aaron P., Audi A4 45202

"I felt that I was working with very talented, knowledgeable people and that the work would be done at a fair price."
- John V., Audi A4 45219

"Excellent communication with me during the day, really appreciated that. "
- Barry R. 45140, Audi A4

"I love you guys!"
- Kate B. 45223, Audi A6

"Always a pleasure bringing my vehicle in for service!"
- Brooke C. 41075, Audi Q5

"Love the marketing material. Very funny. "
- Adam T. 45212, Audi A4

- Keanon T. 45216, Audi A4

"New car appraisal may have saved me over $2,000.00 plus. Thank You Mike."
- Brenda U. 45255, Audi, A4

"This was a follow up repair to some major work that had been done recently. As usual got me in and out asap. Great troubleshooters."
- Sandy J. 45206, Audi A4

"I own a 1998 Audi A4 which has been very good to me over the years but the mileage is getting up there. Mike helped me make a calculated decision about some major repair work on the car which determined whether I would keep the car or sell it. You never know with an older car what kind of maintenance issues are going to come up but whatever it might be Auto4N is equipped to deal with it.I am an extremely satisfied customer. Thx Mike and Chris and the other mechanics that helped get my car back on the road.  "
- Sandy J., 45206, Audi A4

"Another great job. Thank you Mike & the team."
- Bob A., 45069, Audi Allroad

"Overall good experience. I was told I will need to replace the valve gasket and that I would receive a quote via email."
- Ed M., Audi A6 45140

"Very efficient with my pre-purchase inspection…I felt much more confident about going ahead with the purchase. Chris and Mike answered all of our questions."
- Rosemary D., Audi A4, 43560

"Carla wants to thank you for fixing the wind noise in my door!"
- Bob A., 45069, Audi Allroad

"This was my first visit ever for an oil change, so it is probably not a good example for providing survey feedback. However, I will be using Auto4n for subsequent work."
- Ed M., Audi A6 45140

"Thank you for looking at the tires and deciding not to rotate them instead of blindly doing it like most other shops. Just one of the many reasons I'll keep coming back to you guys."
- Chase S., Audi A8 45209

"Glad to find y'all."
- Elizabeth K., Audi A6 45036

"Chad kept me updated on all pricing, parts, and timing. "
- Deborah P., Audi TT 41017

"It was refreshingly different that your typical auto shop! It appears to be honest and trust worthy which is not easy to say about auto repair."
- Genevieve L., Audi A4 45207

"Mike was very personable and the overall team was very helpful through the process."
- Bradley H., Audi A4 45240

"Equally important, I trust what is communicated to me. I appreciate the approach you take to maintaining and growing your business."
- Julie E., Audi TT 45208

"It's just nice knowing that I can get an expert opinion about the safety of my car."
- Joe C., Audi A4 45013

"I appreciated Chris taking the time to address a light issue I had when I picked up the car and he was getting ready to leave. He was very accommodation in taking car of it - uncharacteristically to what I have experienced at other service shops."
- Matt K., Audi A6 45208

"I love you guys."
- Kate B., Audi A6 45223

"Thanks again guys! You are always a pleasure to work with! (& I love my free t-shirt!)"
- Devon U., Audi A4 45225

"The team diagnosed the issue and there was no charge. They pointed out that the issue was a recall and the car should be taken to the local Audi dealer. The other services that were needed will be done by Auto4N… as the value and quality of service is superior."
- John S., Audi A6Q 45140

"Mike communicated well about what work was needed and why. Work was done in timely fashion and car drove a lot better afterwards."
- Obi N., Audi A4 45215

"Mike went above and beyond to try to find the intermittent trouble I brought to him. He always makes it a pleasurable repair. Thanks, Mike!"
- Joe C., Audi A4 45208

"Don't know about the quality of repair yet because I just had the work done. However, seems good so far. Keep up the solid work!"
- Joe C., Audi A4 45208

"I put very good on the pricing as customers always want a better price. But what stands out for me is the confidence your staff build with me. You have a couple of people that work on Audi and own them as well. The other thing was the Customer service area. It was well presented, very organized and clean. That tells me your staff cares about the appearance and with their service towards me, rates excellent. Tim was present with Britt and talked to me about my car and made me feel like it was worth paying the money to get my car up to par. Thank you also for the T-shirt. Great marketing!"
- Joe C., Audi A4 45013

"Mike as always provided great background on what options were available to help make the decision. the new staff members seemed to bring the same level of enthusiasm to the business as well."
- John S., Audi A6 45140

"I appreciated the experience that I had with Auto4N but the fact that I needed to immediately bring the vehicle back for a problem left me with some reservations. I was very happy that they were able to work with me on the reported issue. I found them to be honest and that does make me want to continue to use them for future maintenance and repairs. Good job."
- Andy T., Audi S4 41075

"We very much appreciate having the repair done so quickly."
- Cleyton G., Audi A6 45229

"There's a very friendly and homey atmosphere in your building. While I waited for my car I felt like I was sitting in the rec room of my best friend's family!"
- Jeff K., Audi A3 45202

"Mike went above and beyond expectations. We had taken our A4 to 3 other repair shops (including the Audi dealership) & you were the only ones that could fix it. Mike's follow up was excellent. Thank you."
- Steve U., Audi A4 45255

"I dealt with a man named Mike and he was extremely helpful for the entire process of repairing my car. I will definitely go back to Auto4N for any repair needs I have in the future!"
- Shaun C., Audi A4 45424

"Great service as usual."
- Scott G., Audi A6 45249

"Thanks for everything -we really appreciated the quick turnaround on our car."
- Greg S., Audi S4 45186

"They were able to work me in right away. Thanks guys!"
- Paula W., Audi A6 45212

"Thanks for a great job and friendly service!"
- Mark R., Audi A4 45212

"Service is always great, timely, and reliable. I am always recommending people to you. I love my new tee shirt! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Amy F., Audi A4 45227

"Great to have a reliable and trustworthy place for excellent service."
- Tony B., Audi A6Q 45229

"Service is reliable and done with passion. Thanks Mike, Chad and the rest of the Auto4N team!"
- Bob A., Audi Allroad 45069

"Thanks for the speed of response, and the follow-up call. You guys ROCK!"
- Iain C., Audi A6 45229

"I very much appreciated the ride downtown from Mike after dropping off the car."
- James E., Audi A6 45220

"They found a mouse nest in my car. They are held mechanic and half exterminator. Great people, a great sense of humor, and excellent service."
- John S., Audi A6 45140

"I've already recommended Auto4N to a colleague after my first visit. I've also scheduled additional repair work for myself."
- David K., Audi A4 45002

"I was extremely pleased by the entire experience."
- Adam F., Audi A4 45209

"Thanks again for taking care of my wife's Audi TT."
- Gary S., Audi TT 45150

"Great job, guys! Thanks."
- Russ R., Audi Allroad 45202

"Chad and Mike are awesome, I can't say enough positive things about my experience at Auto4N. The customer service is excellent and I will definitely be bringing my vehicle back for service and maintenance. "
- Andrea G., Audi A4 45069

"I have brought the scooter and the Audi in for service and every time has been a positive experience. "
- Thad G., Audi A4 41011

"Communication was excellent, and it was very nice to be able to get a rental car for the day and it was very simple."
- Phillip K., Audi A4 45215

"Totally satisfied, as always!"
- Clayton G., Audi A6 45229

"Great, timely service. Disclosed all potential options with new pressure… decisions are customer's alone. I'll definitely be back. "
- Tim L., Audi A4 45040

"We very much appreciate your helping us out with short notice, and getting the work done promptly."
- Clayton G., Audi A6 45229

"No complaints whatsoever! I appreciate the fair assessment and advice on repairs and feel confident they are done well, on time, and for a fair price. Very friendly service just tops it off!!"
- Amy F., Audi A4 45227

"It was a very pleasant experience. Thank you."
- Carol W., Audi A4 45229

"Very friendly and trustworthy. I have reco'd to other Audi owners I know."
- Jed G., Audi A4 45208

"Thorough communication the whole time. Fair pricing. Loved my experience there - I will absolutely be back in the near future. (Loved the tee-shirt too!)"
- Julie B., Audi A4 45227

"Chad is always prompt in communication and very open about the service (and any problems with the car). Additionally, he is realistic with what can be done and will always find time to educate the client."
- John S., Audi A6 45140

"You are the BEST !!!!"
- Mary H., Audi A4 45241

"I'm glad to have finally found an automotive repair shop that I can actually trust with my car. Thanks for the great service. I'll be seeing you again soon."
- Mike D., Audi A4Q 41014

"Excellent work!"
- Bob A., Audi Allroad 45069

"Thanks for keeping my Audi from driving me mad- finally the transmission works like it was designed to!"
- IaIn C., VW Jetta 45229

"We thought my car needed a new fuel pump. But, instead of just assuming that and installing one at $700-$800, Mike decided to try a new filter, which ended up costing only $150. So far, the new filter seems to have been the answer to the problem. I thank you all for trying to save me money instead of just taking advantage of the customer and making $$. Thank you very much! That is why we have been coming to Auto4N for 13+ years!"
- Greg M., Audi A4 45140

"I can't imagine anyone being happy or satisfied with the cost of car repairs, but Chad and company are up front about any possible costs for repair. Additionally, they go above and beyond in diagnosing an issue. The greatest example is that they found that the alignment of my car was off because of a bent rim. They then found the right rim and installed it in a timely fashion. Throughout the situation, Chad provided options of how to correct the issue and always respond in a prompt fashion. I could not imagine having my car serviced anywhere else."
- John S., Audi A6 45140

"Regarding "quality of repair or service" my neutral rating isn't a ding and I don't expect any issues but only time will tell. My repair is a wearable item. Check back in 90 days."
- Brian B., Audi A4 45202

"I love the personal style service and seemingly over-all concern you display for me and my Audi. I have confidence in Auto4N and feel that you guys are trust worthy and honest. I will continue to have my Audi serviced at Auto4N and will recommend Auto4N to anyone I know oh, I will also proudly wear my Auto4N tee- shirts. Thanks guys!"
- Gregory S., Audi A8 45232

"They are very open in their assessment of the work being completed and the cost for the service. My only expectation not being met is that there is still a slight shimmy in my car at 60 mph, but that may not be able to be corrected. Good people and good service at Auto4N."
- John S., Audi A6 45140

"Auto4N is the place to go for me. They have treated me with great respect and are very helpful. It's good to have a mechanic you can trust. Thanks."
- Kevin Y., Audi A4Q 45212

"Great job guys. Thank you!"
- Byron S., Audi A4 45229

"I feel better about owning my used Audi knowing there is a repair shop out there that I can trust. Mike and Chad were great every step of the way. If something went wrong, they told me and corrected the issue without me having to ask. I will be coming back again for any service needed for my Audi. Thanks again!"
- Adrian C., Audi A4 45255

"It's all been good. We've been going there for years."
- Renee K., Audi A6 45215

"Auto4N had difficulties repairing my Audi TT. They did work through the problems and were fair on the overall price."
- Bill T., Audi TT 47025

"Chad does a great job of keeping me informed when my car is in for service. He works with my warranty company to file claims on my behalf. I really appreciate all the extra effort."
- Scott G., Audi A6 45249

"Great Service."
- Terry M., Audi A6 45226

"Thanks for fixing a problem a dealer missed 2X prior."
- Toy B., Audi A6Q 45229