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Toyota Repair & Service Cincinnati

Cincinnati Toyota Repair

Why We Love Servicing Toyota
Toyota is a great value. They offer fuel efficiency, dependability, and many model choices. They’re simple, fun, and easy to repair, service, and maintain. We respect the brand because it builds dependable, low-maintenance vehicles—their dependability is hard to beat. After working on German cars, Toyota are super easy!

How We Outshine the Competition
We have nearly 20 years of experience servicing Toyota. We understand the technology, and we have all the right tools and diagnostic equipment to service them correctly and efficiently. We’re much more experienced than most other independent repair shops, yet much less expensive than the dealers.

Testimonials for Toyota

"Once again, special attention to details like remembering the warranty I had on the parts - thanks Mike. I shout your praises every time I am talking to someone about auto repairs. Beyond excellent service."
- Jim B., Toyota Camry 45208

"I tell EVERYONE who drives a foreign car to come to you and I wish everyone would listen! You guys are fantastic! I appreciate that you always make sure that the customer experience is the best that it can possibly be."
- Dianne C., Toyota Yaris 54211

"I would actually be willing to pay a bit more for service. On this last service, I was only charged for an oil and filter change when additional work was done. I appreciate this but I'm willing to pay a fair price for services rendered."
- Bruce H., Toyota Corolla 45212

"Excellent with everything!! I Am very pleased with the entire process! Thanks for the amazing service!"
- Debbie H., Toyota Rav4 45209

"You guys continue to be great. I appreciate your level of service and communication."
- Tim S. 45220, Toyota Corolla

"I appreciate the expert repair of a difficult problem, the clear explanations, and the cost-saving measures. I'll be back, and I'll recommend AUTO4N to my friends. I like the cool t-shirt too."
- John D. 45229, Toyota Corolla

"Phenomenal customer service; the most courteous employees I've ever dealt with!"
- Lindsay H. 45229, Toyota Sienna

"Couldn't ask for more reliable, knowledgeable, and most importantly, nicer people to work on our vehicles."
- Joe D. 45249, Toyota Corolla

"Everyone was very professional and friendly!! High quality service!! Thank you!"
- Vicki T., Toyota Corolla, 45208

"I eventually expect to be on the payroll at Auto4N. I consider myself the chief marketing officer there. I refer everyone I know to Chad & Mike. Excellent mechanic work. Peace of mind that the job is done right the first time. They don't believe in "Do-over" at additional cost to the customer. Absolutely the top of the line in Auto Repair."
- Mike B., Toyota Camry 45212

"I love the customer service and attention to detail AUTO4N provides me and my RAV4. I have been a loyal customer for more than 10 years."
- Susan P., Toyota Rav4 45206

"I want to thank you for being so helpful and getting my car ready on short notice. I did not learn of the need to attend the funeral until late Monday and your willingness to have the car ready so early on Tuesday was appreciated not only by myself but the family whose member died. I told everyone of your kindness."
- Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

"You guys are the best!"
- Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

"While the AUTO4N crew has taken care of my vehicles for many years, this was a unique experience. I had taken my wife's car to have a tire plugged at a BIG name tire place, where I purchased the tires. They called to tell me a story about 3 of my wheel studs "spinning" and they wanted to fix them at a nominal cost. I told them tout the wheel back on and I drove straight to Mike at AUTO4N. He determined that the BIG tire store wasn't quite telling the truth, and when I confronted them with what MY mechanic said, they decided to pay my bill at AUTO4N without even a peep. In this day and age it is a comfort to know that you can trust someone to do the right thing like the guys at AUTO4N. Thank you Mike, Christ & Keith for the great customer service. Happy New Year!"
- Mike D., Toyota Sequoia 45140

"Thank you! You came through for us in a pinch with my sister's car from Chicago!"
- Stephanie K., Toyota Corolla 45209

"I am extremely confident that the team at Auto4N is taking great care of my vehicle, and thus, me. They take the time to explain everything, answer my questions, and make me aware of the future scheduled maintenance intervals so that I can plan ahead. The staff is super friendly. And I appreciate the wifi and coffee so that I can keep working while I wait. I like to make the best use of my time and I can do that at Auto4N! Thanks team!"
- Anita S., Toyota Tacoma 45213

"Extremely professional. Communication was excellent. Thank you for your help."
- Tom G., Toyota Highlander 45219

"I assume the quality is fine, maybe excellent. It was just an oil change, and the car is running fine."
- Doug K., Toyota Prius 45208

"I had a great first time experience. I really felt like you are honest, reliable and trustworthy. Thanks so much!"
- Jeannie P., Toyota Sienna 45212

"The best in the biz. Thank you very much."
- Mike D., Toyota Sequioa 45140

"The reason I keep coming back is the customer service. The guys at the front desk do an excellent job communicating promptly and explaining the issue."
- Joe P., Toyota Camry 45211

"The best in the biz. Thank you very much."
- Mike D., Toyota Sequioa 45140

"The reason I keep coming back is the customer service. The guys at the front desk do an excellent job communicating promptly and explaining the issue."
- Joe P., Toyota Camry 45211

"I would actually be willing to pay a bit more for service. On this last service, I was only charged for an oil and filter change when additional work was done. I appreciate this but I'm willing to pay a fair price for services rendered."
- Bruce H., Toyota Corolla 45212

"You Guys are the Best! It means SO much to us to have someone take care of our car that we trust! Keep up the good work! Oh, and thanks for the nifty coffee mugs!"
- Mike H., Scion XB 45205

"As always, the guys at Auto4N are superb. I know the work will be done right the first time, and the price will be fair. I have sent many a friend to see them. I wish every business operated the same way. Thanks!!"
- Mike D., Toyota Sequoia 45140

"Thank you for replacing BOTH of the headlights on my golf. The hot chocolate and hat were a nice touch. Nicole L., VW Golf 45209 Tech: Noah 01/31/2014 Not only do I trust these guys with my automobiles (plural) which is essentially trusting them with your life, I genuinely like them and enjoy talking cars with them. I can tell they care about what they do and they care about people. They practice at a whole different level, with integrity and honesty, sure, but they go not only the extra mile but many extras (I am wearing their hat right now!). I only have a little Toyota and they treat me like I drive a Bentley!"
- Pam F., Toyota Prius 45223

"The service and ability to work with me are outstanding. I would never want to take my car to any other service/repair shop."
- Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

"Told my treasurer he needed to bring his car to you. He indicated that he would be bring his care in for service."
- Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

"I appreciate all of you. You take such considerate and authentic care of our vehicles as well, our feelings about our transactions with your company. It is a pleasure to know that we are so taken care of. I let everyone know about Auto4N."
- Alese P., Toyota Rav4 45212

"Timeliness was Toyota's fault - brought the wrong part initially. But once it was in, Chris busted his hump to get it in and get my van out!"
- Lindsay H. 45229, Toyota Sienna

"The service people are very knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to repairs. They give you options as to what needs to be done to the vehicle right away and what repairs you may be able to put off for awhile. The staff is always friendly, professional and dare I say trustworthy. All adjectives that are rarely used when dealing with auto mechanics and repair shops."
- Clint P. 45212, Toyota Rav4

"Thank you for keeping is on the road!"
- Tracy S., 45213, Toyota Corolla

"Thanks for taking care of us again!"
- Liz H., Toyota Corolla, 45209

"Always great to see you guys! Welcome back Chris as well. See you soon!"
- Britt S., Toyota Matrix, 45208

"It is a pleasure taking my car in to AUTO4N for service. I have been a satisfied customer now for about 15 years."
- Susan P., Toyota Rav4 45206

"I have great confidence in Auto4N and trust what they tell me. And my experience has proven to me that my confidence in them is well-placed."
- Jim F., Toyota Solara 45230

"We put all of our trust in these guys and believe they are fixing what must be fixed and giving us a fair price."
- Cheryl F., Toyota Sequoia 45212

"Mike was very knowledgeable and seemed to care about the issues I was facing with my auto warranty. Thanks Mike."
- Jeff H., Toyota Avalon 45215

"Thank you for repairing my car and being so informative and nice. I will definitely use your service in the future."
- Sachika K., Toyota Solara 45227

"This has been my fifth-sixth experience with Auto4N… each time I'm astonished by the great customer service and the timely communication. I will be back and will continue to refer friends and family to you guys. I can honestly say I usually dread taking my car to any shop. I rest at easy knowing I'm getting a legitimate service opinion and a good value for the money. Excellent work… you should be proud of your track record!"
- Erik M., Toyota 4-Runner 45212

"I love Auto4N!"
- Susan P., Toyota Rav4 45208

"As always, the work was done on time and at a good price."
- Eric H., Toyota Corolla 45223

- Tim M., Toyota Matrix 45229

"Customer service from Mike was excellent. The communication, availability and appreciation for service is untouched. Everyone was friendly and cooperative. This was my first experience at Auto4n, but I will definitely be back for my future needs. Thanks!"
- Erik M., Toyota 4-Runner 45212

"Superfantastic! I've been using these guys for years and they always do a quality job! I especially like Mike's and Chad's advice on what needs to be done. They never steer you wrong with false repairs. Thanks guys!"
- John T., Toyota Highlander 45213

"The timeliness of this repair was not Auto4N's fault. Honda did not have the part in stock in Cincinnati."
- Bruce H., Toyota Corolla 45212

"So glad you guys are there! Love the tail lights. See you next round."
- Karen E., Toyota T100 45232

"Wonderful guys! Keep up the great work!"
- Ashlie S., Toyota Corolla 45211

"I answered "very unlikely" to the question about whether I will be a return customer nobly because I live in Chicago. But if you were here I'd return! Also, I don't know if is big in Cincinnati, but here, we use it all the time for reviews of businesses. So I added you guys and wrote a nice review."
- Laura N., Toyota Prius 60623

"AUTO4N is a top notch vehicle repair facility. They keep cost in mind and recommend needed repairs based on that. If something can wait, they tell you, if it is something that is going to cause issues immediately they tell you that too. In both cases they look for the most cost effective fix. On top of all that everyone is courteous and friendly. Please keep up the good work, it is a pleasure doing business with such a fine independently owned business!"
- Kim L., Toyota Highlander 45208

"Great service, thank you!"
- Dustin M., Toyota Corolla 45242

"Thanks for the t-shirt but sadly it reminds me that I don't have a convertible anymore- at least not now. "
- Catherine P., Toyota Rav4 45219

"I can't thank Mike and his mechanics enough for their time and dedication to ensuring my safety. I came to Auto4N to have my brakes checked and left knowing I had been treated like family. After inspecting my vehicle, Mike would not allow me to drive off their lot without getting necessary repairs to ensure my safe travels. Without his careful attention to detail, my life could have been interrupted with costly car repairs and delays to my busy schedule caused by neglecting a few simple repairs that only took a short time. I was not over charged or told to do any unnecessary repairs. Auto4N is the next best thing to having a family friend work on your car! They care about you as a customer and treat you like a person, not just a paycheck. Thank you, guys! I will be back and I will continue to tell my friends about my wonderful experience."
- Meredith C., Toyota Corolla

"Very nice to work with. Will be using your service again. Thanks!"
- Sara W., Toyota Corolla 45140

"I am always confident that they will do a good job. Chad always gives me options and lets me know what is urgently needed and can wait. In the past they have worked really hard to hold together my sons car!! They care about their customers. Thanks, for a job well done!!"
- Meg C., Toyota Corolla 45230

"Great job as always!"
- Kim L., Toyota Highlander 45208

"I worked with Chad specifically on three problems on two vehicles within a matter of days!! He was very honest, upfront, and explained the situations to me that I could understand, yet didn't treat me as if I was a 2 year old!! I am so glad I was referred to AUTO4N. I will be a repeat customer!!"
- Melissa B., Toyota Tacoma 45251

"Good work, as always - thanks guys~!"
- Scott W., Toyota Camry 41073

"Competent and gracious."
- Liz H., Toyota Tercel 45209

"I really appreciate you all-especially how you tell me what is wrong, and what needs to be fixed now, or can wait for a while. Thanks!"
- Jane G., Toyota Corolla 45075

"The staff communicated very well; answering all of my questions; calling me before the estimated time; calling back to make sure I received their message; estimate was accurate."
- April H., Toyota Prius 45219

"Helpful, performed as promised."
- Marvin K., Toyota Prius 45229

"I had a wonderful experience and will look for AUTO4N in the future. Keep up the great work!"
- Kyle R., Toyota Avalon 45208

"Finally found a group of mechanics I can trust. Thank you!"
- Cindy P., Toyota Corolla 45241

"As always, thanks. You guys "rock""
- Robert C., VW Passat 45202

"We just had a minor communications glitch in reference to a replacement of a battery however Auto4N gave me a ride to where I needed to be and had the car ready to go first thing the following morning, THANKS for literally going the extra miles(s)!"
- Kim L., Toyota Highlander 45208

"You guys rock!"
- Scott W., Toyota Camry 41073

"Hey, Love you guys."
- Harry B., Toyota Corolla 45223

"Thanks for the Tee shirt !!!!!"
- Janet T., Toyota Solara 45217

"We are fairly new customers to this shop but last year when we needed service on our van, Chad and his crew were wonderful and I feel completely satisfied with the work they do and I have great confidence that they are fair and knowledgeable about both our Toyota and our Volvo. We are very happy to have found them."
- Denise B., Toyota Previa 51075

"My two dealings with Auto4N have been entirely satisfactory. You're a pleasure to work with."
- Clem R., Toyota Tacoma 45212

"Have been a customer for over 7 years. Very satisfied with the service. Have recommended a number of friends & family to you. Price is a little high along with everything else at this time."
- Teddy B., Toyota Corolla 45207

"Thank you!"
- Anne G., Toyota Sienna 45223